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10 Reasons That Make Noida A Great Living Place
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If you are looking to shift in NCR but confused about choosing the best city to live then, Noida is your go-to place without giving it a second thought. It can be considered as the richest city of UP but you don’t have to be rich to live a sustainable lifestyle here. Yes, that is the best thing about Noida, its affordable luxuriousness. Here are 10 reasons that explain why you should be in Noida.

1. The Availability of Visibly Budget-Friendly Residential Property In Noida

As compared to the other cities belong to the National Capital Region, Noida comprises affordable residential solutions. You can witness a different cost of a home that is feature-rich and attainable at the same time. With its rapidly going popularity, real estate builders are taking more interest in developing their residential as well as commercial projects here.

2. Ample Of Connectivity Options To Offer

Noida is best known for its internal and external connectivity options. As being an industry-prone place, Noida is a widely accepted city to live by the office goers of the National Capital Region. DND Flyover, FNG Expressway, Yamuna Expressway, Metro Station, NH-10, NH-2 are some of the notable connectivity options accompanied by the proposed Jewar Airport.

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3. Spaciousness Spread Around The City

Despite the fact that Noida is surrounded by several modern infrastructures, hi-tech industrial zones, well known IT parks and all, it is far from the hustles and bustles of a typical city. Moreover, Noida is not so populous as compared to its neighbor cities. Less population leads to a spacious, comfortable, tranquil living experience.

4. Availability Of Basic To Fancy Amenities

Most of the residential properties are jam-packed with almost all of the basic amenities. If anything that is not included in the package then you don’t need to worry as every basic need can be obtained within a close proximity of the residences. Schools, colleges, hospitals, malls, markets, multiplexes, recreation zones are strategically placed.

Noida Living Place Infogrph

5. Countryside Serenity Comes With Almost Every Flat In Noida

Noida is at its rising period and is not entirely occupied yet. This allows its residents to live in a lively open space, in the lap of nature. Builders are being able to offer the potential homebuyers a lot of open space around their projects.

6. Less Polluted City As Compared To The Others

There has been a lot of news about Delhi being the most polluted city in India. Gurgaon is also not an exception in this case. In fact, the abnormal increase in pollution is one of the main reasons that people are shifting from the other parts of NCR to Noida. This city offers a less crowded, and less polluted luxurious lifestyle at an affordable cost. If you are looking for affordable property then you can go for latest property in noida extension

7. Cost Of Living Is Much Less

Not only the cost of the properties but the living cost is also reasonable in Noida. Unlike the sky-high living cost in its neighbor cities, you can easily and happily survive in Noida within your budget. Basic needs fulfillment, transport cost, recreation charges etcetera are well attainable without creating a hole in the pocket.

8. Number Of Recreation Options At An Arm’s Length

Noida has ample of recreation options in its bucket to utilize your weekends. The DLF Mall, Okhla Bird Sanctuary, Worlds of Wonder, Ski India, Atta Market, SMAASH, Wonder Speedaway, ISKCON, Gardens Galleria, City Centre Mall, The Great India Place, Spice World, Brahmaputra Market, KidZania etcetera are some of the many recreational zones situated in Noida.

9. One Of The Best Indian Cities To Do Business

Noida is the founding place of some notable startups that are making it big. Travel Triangle, MobiQuest Mobile Technologies, Insta Media, Skopex, Floost, Mind Your Fleet, Rail Yatri, Food Jugad, Venue Look, Gradeup etcetera are to name a few. The startup ecosystem of Noida is improving day by day and investors are taking more interest in investing in a Noida based startup because of its inbuilt facilities.

10. Considered As An Industry-Rich City

Noida is coming up way big as a corporate hub incorporating several renowned MNCs, SEZs, and other profitable companies. Industries ranging from handicrafts, heavy vehicles, service sectors, real estate sectors, information technology and much more are making Noida’s industrial belt prominent.

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