The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is all set to give the Dindoshi plot acquisition plan the last try.
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Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation Is Planning To Fast-Track The Dindoshi Plot Takeover Process From The Wadias 
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Mumbai, 3rd November 2018: The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is all set to give the Dindoshi plot acquisition plan the last try. The BMC wants to acquire the 40-acre plot spread over the Dindoshi area for the PAPs (Project Affected Persons). The controversial plot belongs to the FE Dinshaw Trust led by Nusli Wadia but, BMC doesn’t want to give the plot back to them.

According to the real estate news on India, the Mumbai State Government was previously appointed to acquire the land from the owners but, they kept failing to obtain it for four decades. Finally, the Bombay High Court had issued the order to the BMC to hand over the 40-acre plot within a year to the FE Dinshaw Trust. The residents raised their voices doubting some collusion between the Trust and the BMC officials. In protest to the alleged conspiracy, the BMC marked Dindoshi plot acquisition as ‘compulsory acquisition’.

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As per the latest property news Mumbai, Ajay Mehta, the Municipal Commissioner, BMC has written to Sachin Kurve, the suburban collector to give this matter utmost priority and help BMC to fast-tracking the acquisition process. Mehta also suggested the collector to taking over the land under the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition Act 2013. According to a BMC record, the land falls under the Development Plan 2034 and is reserved for a Municipal School, and Rehabilitation and Resettlement. But presently, the plot falls under the residential zone, and that is why the BMC needs to take it over to proceed with the New Development Plan 2034.

Rais Shaikh, an official of the Samajwadi Party welcomed the move and suggested the BMC to appointing an officer who will follow up with the collector as and when needed. He also asked BMC to consider the deliberate delay caused by any officials as a punishable offence.


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