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The DDA Has Postponed the Launch of Residential Complexes
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The Delhi Development Authority was planning on selling off some of their residential scheme’s apartments. However, they have postponed their launch and are waiting for a particular period of time. They are working on various improvements for ensuring a large customer base.

Noida, 26th February 2017:  The Delhi Development Authority, popularly known as the DDA has made a decision to postpone the launch of their residential scheme till the end of February or March. The housing scheme that was earlier scheduled to be inaugurated by the end of January lacks basic infrastructure such as water supply, streetlights, approaching roads etcetera.

The DDA is also planning to resell their 13,500 apartments that were returned by allottees of their housing scheme of 2014. A senior official has stated that they have decided to announce their new residential scheme by only improving the simple infrastructure in their newly established residential complexes. The engineering department needs to make a plan. So, based on the time frame that is provided by them about the completion of the project, they will plan the launch.

Some sources have revealed that the engineering department will take about three months to finish work associated with streetlights, roads etcetera. An official has said that by the time they finish the allotment process, the engineering department will have the ability to maintain the area around the housings and address every problem associated with important services such as water supply.

Various news reporters had shown the issues faced by the DDA’s residents in their newly purchased residential complexes this year. About 25,000 flats were allowed for sale in the housing scheme of 2014 among which about 13,500 flats were returned. Maximum flats are situated in Narela as well as Rohini.

When the news reporters had visited the regions, it was found that a proper access road was not available to the residential site. There were safety issues, as the streetlights are missing. Maximum shops in the residential complex were closed. Residents have also complained about the irregularity of water supply along with the poor level of construction.

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