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Are you looking at making a profitable investment in the year 2017 in buying your dream property in Hyderabad? Here are a few suggestions on the best sectors to sign the deal with.

Hyderabad, February 12 2017: In the present fiscal backdrop paved by the scheme of demonetization, different economic surveys have come together to assert the lack of interest in investors to buy properties as a chief corollary of the situation. Unless adequate currency replenishes the market, the demand of the apprehensive buyers and investors is not likely to be retrieved.

A major percentage of the influential investors have reportedly recanted from their previous interests or decisions to spend in real estate properties in Hyderabad, post the implementation of the demonetization scheme by the central government. By the beginning of the new fiscal year, it is anticipated that expedient measures will be adopted by the government to bring back the intent of investors and buyers of real estate properties. For investors who are already looking at earning back the ROI or Return-on-Investment, it is integral to keep a circumspect eye on the El Dorado destinations of the city.

In Hyderabad, amongst the top sectors that invite buyers to own a property, Gachibowli and Manikonda invariably enjoy the supremacy of being in demand. The convenient location of these two sites is the prime reason behind their remarkably high demand. Situated in an opulent locality, Gachibowli reportedly has the biggest share in the real estate market of the city.

Manikonda, on the other hand, features the most impressive infrastructure and facilitates the availability of conveyance to connect easily with the other major parts of the city. Moreover, the range of the prices of properties in this area allows flexibility to consumers for whom, the budget is a concern. The other localities do not have proper infrastructure to support a comfortable lifestyle and convenient connectivity.
To take note of the preferences of consumers, it can be observed in surveys that, though most buyers are keen on owning 3BHK apartments or residences around places like Miyapur, there are people in Chandanagar who are looking for options with a 2BHK format.

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