PMAY Homes In Indore Banned Tiles Having The Pictures Of Shivraj and Modi Printed On It
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PMAY Homes In Indore Banned Tiles Having The Pictures Of Shivraj and Modi Printed On It
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Indore, 16th October 2018: In the Petlawad area of Jhabua, Indore, some tiles have been found which are embossed with the pictures of the CM of MP, Mr. Shivraj Singh Chauhan, and the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi.

As per the real estate news India, the Congress officials of the particular zone put light on this matter, and on 19th September, the Madhya Pradesh State Government clearly informed the Madhya Pradesh High Court that none of these tiles will be used in any of the houses that come under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY). These tiles have been installed already in some of the PMAY houses. Madhya Pradesh High Court ordered the concerned persons to remove the tiles within the next three months.

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According to the India real estate market report, in April this year, the local bodies installed these tiles in every PMAY house of Petlawad as instructed by the senior officials. The total of 234 PMAY houses situated in Petlawad has a 45 Centimeter x 60 Centimeter tile with the ‘Sabka Apna Ghar Ho Apna’ slogan printed on it along with the pictures of the CM and PM. One of the above described tiles is installed on the doorway and the other is in the kitchen.

When Congress workers came to know about it, they complained about the matter to the Election Commission and said that the tiles were violating the code. They urged the collector to prioritize the matter and remove these tiles from the PMAY houses as soon as possible. Ashish Saxena, the Collector of Jhabua constituency said that they have taken instant action after receiving the complaint. To hide the tiles till the overall process takes place, some of the homeowners have already pasted newspapers over such tiles.

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