Reasons for the popularity of real estate properties in Noida
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Noida is one of the most developing cities in India where constant changes in every domain are taking place. The popularity of this place is convincing real estate builders to go for several commercial and residential projects in this place. The appropriate atmosphere combined with other facilities has appealed the real estate property builders to a great extent. Many of the renowned real estate companies are looking to set up new residential and commercial projects in this area. The reasons for popularity of Residential Projects in Noida Extension are as follows-

Strategic location and connectivity

The location of this city is in close proximity to Delhi NCR region and other important parts of the city. The close connectivity to important parts of India makes this place one of the most popular ones amongst the real estate builders. The well built roads, highways and flyovers connecting important places are something that is quite great about this place.

Greenery all around

The place is amidst greenery and very good for families to stay. So if you are looking for an environment friendly place, this is the right one for you. The lush greens and the trees around you will help you to relax and live life in a pollution free environment. Most of the upcoming projects in Noida is a classic example of abode amidst greenery.

Array of facilities

An array of facilities provided is something that attracts real estate builders. The presence of commercial hubs and shopping malls appeals builders for setting up residential projects. The wide range of branded shops and other popular commercial centers makes any sort of property in Noida much more expensive than other properties in different states.

Metro Development and other transport facilities:

The Metro Rail Corporation of Noida has decided to go for multidirectional metro that can help people reach the other important parts that is in close proximity to the city. The plan is being executed and the work is rapidly progressing. Apart from metro other transport facilities have paved the way for real estate builders to set up residential projects in this part of India. People prefer places where transport facilities are abundant. So Noida can be considered as one such place where people love to stay because of the multidirectional transport facilities available.

Rapid rate of development

The rapid rate of development and the growth of large number of multinational companies and industries make this place quite popular. The rate at which offices are being built in this area is something worth a mention. All this makes people look for homes nearby their offices. This results in development of residential projects at a very fast rate. The growth of offices, schools and other institutions in and around this place

These are some of the positive points or advantages that make this place one of the most appealing ones for the real estate builders. The real estate property builders here are setting up luxurious residential projects that offer comfortable stay at rates within one’s budget.

Sumit Sighania

Author: Sumit Sighania

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