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A Sudden Blow to Karnataka Government as Supreme Court Issues Restriction on Akrama-Sakrama Scheme
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A direct blow to Karnataka Government was directed by Supreme Court on January 13 to put a break on the Akrama Sakrama scheme which was already amidst lots of controversies. 

Noida, 19 March 2017: As a direct blow to the controversial Akrama Sakrama scheme, the Supreme Court has directed the Karnataka state government to put a break on the implementation. Considering the Special Leave Petition (SLP) which was filed by MP Rajeev Chandrashekar and Namma Bengaluru Foundation, the Supreme Court renders this Verdict.

They filed the petition against the decision of Karnataka high court which upholds the Akrama Sakrama scheme. The Karnataka High Court has delivered the verdict for this scheme on December 13, 2016. The apex court bench was headed by the Chief Justice of India Mr. JS Khehar and had requested the authorities not to prepare applications recorded under this plan.

The seat declined the demand of the state government, which had entered an admonition to speed up the hearing. The SLP has been changed over to a mutual interest and will be heard at the appropriate time.
The applicants battled that the high court failed to consider the impact of the recently embedded segment 76FF of the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, 1961. They are unanalyzed and over the top vis-a-vis area 14A of the Act concerning the groundbreaking plan where changes are allowed just in the event that they are useful for the public and doesn’t repudiate any law.

The candidates additionally expressed that BBMP’s building rules allow not more than 5% deviation though the plan proposes to regularize half violation. The petitioner stated that the Karnataka High Court has indicated that the High Court at the time of dismissing the petition based on the apex court’s decision failed to realize the relation of the scheme with the Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act and failed to safeguard the Tamil Nadu enactment.

The authorizations under challenge lead to the loosening up of all endeavors made to guarantee the implementation of the right to life and security of nationals in question as had been tried to be accomplished through the sanctioning of the KTCP Act.

Somdeepa Bhattacharjee

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