The Tilted Building In Kolkata Is Unsafe – The Kolkata Civic Body
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The Tilted Building In Kolkata Is Unsafe – The Kolkata Civic Body
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Kolkata, 2nd November 2018: A group of Kolkata civic engineers submitted a survey report on the safety of the tilted structure situated at Tiljala. According to the latest real estate news Kolkata, the group conducted a survey series on 24th and 25th October on the stability of the same building. The survey findings led the building department of the KMC (Kolkata Municipal Corporation) to officially declare the building situated at the Shibtala Lane of Tiljala as unsafe.

The survey report was submitted to the Director General of the building department, KMC. The report says that the structural fragility of the G+IV floor is the reason behind the sudden tilt. After analyzing the condition of the entire building from the terrace, the officials claimed the demolition of the entire structure to prevent the future major accident.

The inhabitants of the building were evacuated on the evening of 24th October. The engineers have strictly mentioned in the report that the inhabitants or any other person shouldn’t be permitted to enter into the building in any circumstances.

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As per the Kolkata property news, the civic engineers evacuated a total of 23 families from the unsafe building. Apart from that, they temporarily dislodged another 12 families belong to the adjacent building.

The engineers also found some under construction buildings in the alleged area having the possibility of a sudden tilt occurrence in the future. The KMC building department expressed their opinion against some promoters who are illegally developing residential structures without granting the build plan by the KMC.

The KMC is going to take strict action against the promoters and ban the construction work of the entire building. For the time being, KMC issued notices to the developers asking them to stop the construction work of the G+IV and G+V floors which are considered illegal.



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